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Taiki Innovation Lab inauguration

In June 2020 Taiki Group's headquarters in Osaka, Japan opened a brand new space  dedicated to innovation. 

 Invested by the asserted will of the President of the group, Mr Kenji Nakamura to enroll Taiki in an ever more innovative approach, the CEO Mr Koji Nakamura unveiled the concept and future vision of Taiki Innovation Lab (TIL).

This new team from the R&D centre has been designed as an agile entity, able to perceive and anticipate trends in the global cosmetic market. From market studies, trends, technology-monitoring to patent application, the Taiki Innovation Lab department will accelerate the group's innovation process, to offer ever more effective and relevant application solutions to our customers.

Created in 2019, TIL now sees a new showroom imagined as a place celebrating 90 years of Taiki innovation, at the service of our customers.

The design was thought in detail. The Innovation Tree represents the century of Taiki history, which started in 1930, and which goes on: at the roots of the tree, the invention of the cosmetic sponge by the company, then the expansion of the pathway symbolizing the genealogy of the different Taiki innovations. The blank area after 2020 is waiting to welcome the products of the future.

Above the tree, Taiki wanted to show the brands that we have faithfully supported for so long. Thanks to them the company has grown year after year, developing with them so many new products.

Koji Nakamura