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Let's talk about your project

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Let's talk about your project

About Us

TAIKI Group, beauty application expert since 1930

Renowned for its expertise and know-how in cosmetic application, Taiki Group is your preferred private label industrial partner for 90 years to highlight your skincare and makeup products.


Inspired by the Japanese philosophy of Kaizen, or continual improvement, Taiki has been developing 5 key attributes for 90 years to become a global leader.

Our vision is to use these attributes to create the best application solutions for our customers' products:



For 90 years, Taiki has been a global leader in skincare and makeup beauty tools, products and containers.



With a strong focus on R&D, Taiki continues to improve products and solutions to provide the best application experience for the consumer. Our technical advancements have changed the landscape of the beauty industry.



Taiki's worldwide structure includes sales offices and factories in Japan, China, Malaysia, Cambodia, Singapore, Korea, the U.S. and France – allowing for local support and global expertise. In addition, Taiki fosters numerous partnerships that provide best-in-class manufacturing.


Strong Team

We have created a strong, diverse team that focuses on our common commitment of Kaizen. Through experience, knowledge and teamwork, Taiki continually develops products that make a difference in the market place.


Application Experts

Understanding the best application method and achieving desired end results is our goal as Application Experts. Taiki is the best partner to help solve application challenges and ultimately enhance the consumer experience.



Founded in 1930

in Japan, Taiki started as a family-owned sea sponge business. Taiki began producing sea sponges for makeup application and became a globally recognized sea sponge supplier.