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Taiki Beauty Lab

presents its trends laboratory: Taiki Beauty Lab

These seasonal collections, based on one of the major beauty trends of next year, will showcases twice a year some key products representative of Taiki expertise in cosmetic application field. This is the occasion to discover not only new products but also new design possibilities.

Taiki Beauty Lab #5
Taiki Beauty Lab - 2018-06-14

Anniversary box

Taiki Cosmetics Europe is proud to support the success of beauty brands for 10 years. This is the ideal occasion to gather is an anniversary box all the Taiki Group know-how emblematic sponges, who invented the cosmetic sponge more than 80 years ago. To each formula, its sponge for a perfect application !

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Taiki Beauty Lab #4
Taiki Beauty Lab - 2018-01-08

Skin emotions

A great sweetness nestles inside this collection. In the vaporous mist of winter, the skin is primped, wrapped in a cloud of tenderness.
The touch is soft, silky, shapes are curved, the iridescent reflections play with transparency ... The sensoriality is the key word of the beauty application, where pleasure meets sweetness. The F/W 2018-2019 collection was born, at the heart of skin emotions

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Taiki Beauty Lab #3
Taiki Beauty Lab - 2017-06-01

Tropical Feeling

This year the new seasonal collection S/S 2018 from Taiki takes you to the feeling of freshness, energy and happy sunset colour.
This collection has real appeal for holidays, relaxation and aquatic sensation without forgetting to take care of your own beauty.
During your rest you can continue to beautify yourself with new exclusive tools from Taiki inspired by translucent waters and sun.
Let’s embark you on this journey of dreams in the heart of the tropics…

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Taiki Beauty Lab #2
Taiki Beauty Lab - 2016-12-01

All that glitters

All that glitters… attracts and enchants our eyes! Beauty accessories are adorned with thousands of lights, and become
collectable objects of desire. Shapes are incised, materials sparkle, and the precious is celebrated to serve an intense and sophisticated makeup.
Gesture is elegant, unique, charming, bringing an aura of nobility to beauty ritual.
Succumb to fabulous reflections of gold and rubies with Taiki A/W 2017- 2018 collection…

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Taiki Beauty Lab #1
Taiki Beauty Lab - 2016-07-01

Explore the future - 2017 trends for beauty applicators

Taiki S/S 2017 collection takes you on an exploration through space, to meet the beauty of tomorrow.
A smart, connected beauty, structured thanks to ergonomic and custom applicators. Science and technology allow the makeup to fit the face like a second skin. The beauty routine modernized by new tools becomes obvious. Ease, innovation and multifunction are the key words.
The finishes are inspired by stars and galaxies dust, and give pride of place to metallic effects, geometric patterns and holographic reflections.
Join our ship for space exploration of makeup accessories, and blur the lines between science and femininity.

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