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Taiki Beauty Lab

Skin emotions

A great sweetness nestles inside this collection. In the vaporous mist of winter, the skin is primped, wrapped in a cloud of tenderness. The touch is soft, silky, shapes are curved, the iridescent reflections play with transparency ... The sensoriality is the key word of the beauty application, where pleasure meets sweetness. The F/W 2018-2019 collection was born, at the heart of skin emotions


An amazing appearance begins with a pampered skin ! Before makeup, skincare is essential for a fresh complexion. But each face has different needs. The solution? Apply different masks to each area at the same time, thanks to this dual ended multi-masking brush. The square side allows to gently apply, in thick layer, a moisturizing texture on cheeks that tight, when the triangular side allows to precisely target the T zone with a clay mask or the eye contour with an anti-aging. What’s better for your skin than a truly personalized beauty routine? Also available as silicone brush for a different application feeling 

The + : an ultra soft ceramic effect on the handle for even more sensoriality !


The Perfect Release makeup sponge offers a new application gesture for complexion. All curved, with a double Perfect Release film, it allows you to drop off the fluid or creamy texture on the skin by gently tapping. Its innovative material does not absorb makeup and restores the entire formula. The wide part is ideal for applying the foundation, when the tip of the teardrop will easily reach the small areas of the face and eye contour with a concealer. No traces, no demarcations, a makeup without thickness to make it ultra natural, your skin is asking for more !

The + : a very hygienic applicator (easy to wash and anti-bac treated), and economical (less formula used). Perfect alternative to silicone sponge !


Absolute sophistication when fixing the complexion. Last sensory step to sublimate your skin, wrap it in a cloud of softness ... Thanks to this powder dispenser with integrated puff, a veil of loose powder drops off with delicacy, like a caress, to make your foundation last. Flip the dispenser, tap, fix, sparkle !

Loose powder dispenser with integrated puff and mirror, available capacities 4g and 10g.

Fixing loose powder ref. 22,995 made in France by Strand Cosmetics Europe., available in 5 shades.

The + : an open / close system to carry it everywhere with you, and a mirror on the cap, ideal for retouching !
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