Sponges & puffs

As an inventor of the cosmetic sponge,

Taiki has evolved with the category for 90 years, becoming the largest global manufacturer of makeup sponges. We took a basic sponge and reinvented it as a superior application tool. Are you looking for a supplier of standard or very innovative beauty sponges or cushion puff for your cosmetics brand? We will be able to assist you in determining the best applicator to enhance your complexion formula and obtain the ideal makeup result.

Taiki makeup sponges :
  • Broad range of materials (Cellbian, Cellfine, Taiki Beauty Sponge...)
  • Consistent and superior application for both powder & liquid makeup
  • Tailor made customization
  • Exclusive antimicrobial treatment for added protection
Taiki puffs :
  • Hand-sewn for quality and durability
  • Cushion puffs designed specifically for cushion compacts
  • Various styles, fabrics, backings & colors available
  • Designed to apply loose & pressed powders
  • Antimicrobial option

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