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Brush cleaning sponge

Brush cleaning sponge


Taiki offers a dry makeup-removing sponge that instantly removes powder from makeup brush and applicator, without water nor makeup removing formula. Discover the features of this eco-friendly solution :

  • Removes pigment from the fibers of the brush without cleaning formula
  • Efficient for all powder types between 2 applications
  • Instant result : no water, no soap, get a clean brush without drying time
  • Reusable sponge, can be washed after several uses with warm water and soap
  • Reversible sponge for an extended use
  • Switch colors without having to switch brushes !


We offer to produce your own dry makeup remover for your beauty brand. The sponge packaging is fully customizable to fit your DNA. We can adjust the mass injection color, and decorate the cap or the jar with hot stamping or silkscreening. Taiki can also develop and supply a secondary packaging, with FSC certified cardboard for a more sustainable approach.


  1. Glide the brush in a circular motion against the sponge to remove pigments
  2. Apply the brush on the back of your hand to check that there are no pigments left on the brush
  3. No need to wait, the brush is ready to be used again !
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