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the eyepatch cure

the eyepatch cure - private label multipack solution manufactured by Taiki

Made in France eco-conscious multi-pack solution for tissue eye patch in private label

Contract manufacturer of impregnated sheet masks and eye patch, Taiki continues to develop ever more eco-friendly solutions for your skincare products. To improve ecological footprint of under-eye sheet masks, we created a brand new way to sell these pre-soaked eyepatches, more responsible, easy and convenient, avoiding the use of many singles sachets.

The Eye Patch Cure is a set of 15 to 30 pairs of tissue under-eye patches, impregnated in a jar with standard or custom formula, made in France, or your own formula. We offer a wide range of 100% natural origin non-woven to match your needs : lyocell, organic cotton, banana...  with 2 shapes specifically developed for the Eye Patch Cure product.

These non-woven patches provide occlusive effect, allowing for superior active ingredients delivery and efficacy of the formula. As every product supplied by Taiki, it's fully customizable to fit the codes of your cosmetic brand.

Sustainable approach 

This new way to present tissue eyepatch allows to drastically reduce packaging : 1 recyclable & recycled jar avoides to use 30 non-recyclable unit sachets with 2,5x less total pack weight and 5x less use of non-recycled material !

We also reduce formula waste : with a same amount applied on the skin, 3x less formula is needed in a jar of 30 pairs.

This product allows to increase naturality of eyepatch compared to hydrogel. It can be infused with a 100% natural / organic / COSMOS / clean formula, when the intrinsic structure of the hydrogel eyepatch can not be 100% natural.

Taiki is offering a local production to European customers : formula production and filling in France, at one of our specialized partners.

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