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Bio Blender

Bio Blender - custom manufacturing of plant based makeup sponge

Custom manufacturing of plant-based 3D makeup sponges

One more step in eco-design as inventor of cosmetic sponges. Taiki Bio-Blender is a breakthrough for beauty blending sponge production for makeup brands : composed of renewable plant-based ingredient, this 3D sponge is more natural and eco-conscious than ever.

Why are these sponges more sustainable ?

Standard 3D makeup sponges in hydrophilic PU are 100% made from petrochemicals. To reduce fossil resources use, Taiki is now upcycling non-food plant waste to create a new ingredient as a substitute to these petrochemicals. Bio-blenders range offers :

  • Pure Bio-Blender : 50% biobased makeup sponge (from non-food plant waste)
  • Blooming Bio-Blender : 70% biobased makeup sponge (from non-food plant waste + Taiki Blooming Blender technology with vegetal powder)

They offer same properties than standard sponges : wet use, softness & bounce, washable, antibacterial treatment, makeup application performance maintained. Thanks to a controlled cellularity, they have a nice visual aspect unlike some market biosourced sponges.

Custom product

As all applicators of private label supplier Taiki, Bio Blenders are fully customizable to fit your brand image : standard or tailor-made shape, laser engraving of your logo, custom color and density.

These high quality, vegan, natural origin sponges have a minimum production quantity of 5 000 pieces. 

Do you want to integrate more responsible makeup sponges into your accessories range ? Let's talk about your project !

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