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dual density sponge

dual density blending sponge private label manufacturer

Private label manufacture of dual density makeup sponges

Makeup sponges supplier Taiki introduces the next generation of beauty blenders ! This iconic hydophilic PU sponge has been redesigned for a new application experience with 2 parts of different density.

Each part can have a "soft", "super soft" or "hard" density. Different densities allow different feeling and makeup results : high comfort in hand, very controlled application and coverage...

Soft part can include 15% to 30% of bio-sourced material, from plant powder, to reduce petrochemicals. 

Different combinations of materials and densities can be done, up to your brief. We can custom size and shape, color, and engrave the logo of your brand.

Theses sponges should be damp in water before use. They retain moisture to minimise make up absorption (to waste a lot less product).

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