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Let's talk about your project

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Brushes & applicators

Leading ODM / OEM cosmetic brush manufacturer for 90 years,

Taiki continues to advance state-of-the-art brush making with new technologies and innovative designs. As application experts, we help makeup and skincare brands own the application process.

Taiki is a renowned private label brush supplier for skincare and makeup application : we produce your custom wooden brushes range or brush set, with synthetic or natural hair, vegan, antibacterial, silicone... Our teams will help you to define the best brush at each stage of its creation : fibers, head shape, design and decoration. Once the ideal make-up brush is defined and validated, our factory will manufacture your beauty brushes or applicators with a high quality level.

Taiki’s custom makeup brushes, skincare brushes & applicators offerings include :
  • A wide range of fibres, varied head shapes, unique handles (wood, metal or plastic) & finishes
  • Patented antimicrobial treatment protects brushes against bacteria and germs
  • Animal-free makeup brushes use engineered fibre for superior performance
  • Custom or standard production, from 5 000 pieces per reference

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