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Bio-resin makeup brush

private label Bio-resin makeup brush manufacturer

Private label makeup brush with bio-resin handle

Custom manufacturing by the beauty tools supplier Taiki of an ecodesigned solution for cosmetic brush with injected plastic handles

Makeup brush handles can't always be produced in natural material like wood or cork. Wood doesn't allow complex shapes, like retractable premium brush. For handle shapes that are non-achievable in wood, we had to turn to plastic injection, using petrochemical ressources.

How can we offer more natural and sustainable injected plastic handle for your makeup brush range ?

Taiki introduces the Bio-resin brush : eco-designed injected makeup brush handles 

  • Our handles are composed of 10% to 30% of biosourced material, to reduce petrochemical ingredients part
  • We promote upcycling of agriculture or industry wastes : rice hull, tea, coffee, or bamboo wastes are crushed and added in the plastic masterbatch to replace part of this non-renewable material, and create a bio-resin
  • This bio-resin allows complex shapes, non-achievable with wood, and still provides a natural finish

This brush range is 100% vegan. It's available with standard PBT fiber, premium PBT fiber, or Naturlon 60 fiber, a synthetic bristle made with 60% of biosourced material from corn.

Let's custom

  • Custom hair shape and handle shape can be created for your beauty brand
  • Wide choice of fiber (grade and color)
  • You can add your logo on the handle 

We study any project from 5000 pcs per brush reference. Don't hesitate to send us your brief !

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