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Let's talk about your project

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Cushion Solutions

To sublimate your liquid formula,

Taiki’s innovative and exclusive private label cushion solutions provide the ultimate delivery system for the ideal application experience. Ideal for beauty brands to stay competitive in the marketplace and with the latest trends ! 

Thanks to our different know-how as a manufacturer of puffs, make-up sponges, but also cosmetic packaging and formulas, we have developed a global cushion foundation offer including a new type of cushion impregnation engine, safer, more reliable and with a larger capacity, which we offer in contract manufacturing for your beauty brand.

  • Unique solution : Capacity+ Cushion with patented impregnation core T-engine
  • Broad range of cushion applicators (from standard to premium) and cushion compact cases
  • Possibility of full service OEM/ODM with made in France formula & filling
  • Custom production for your brand, from 10 000 pcs

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