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Powder Compacts

Powder Compacts - Custom manufacturing of powder dispenser with integrated applicator

Contract manufacturing of pressed powder pack with applicator

The Powder Compacts developed by Taiki are a nomadic and clean solution for your pressed or backed makeup powders such as blush, highlighter... The sponge or brush applicator included in the cap allows the formula to be applied precisely and evenly, for a make-up result without a trace.

The mechanism has been designed so that the compact powder is always in contact with the sponge or the fibers of the applicator, regardless of the level of formula remaining in the pan.

In addition, the fingers never touch the pressed powder: a hygienic cosmetic packaging that  protect your formula and your client!

Taiki Powder Compacts are available with 2 different applicator tips, according to your needs:

  • the sponge applicator is available on the Powder Compact 01, in synthetic latex (NBR), with antibacterial treatment in option
  • the brush applicator is available on the Powder Compact 02: you choose the quality of the synthetic or natural fibers, as well as their color (one or several tones)

They both feature a mirror on the top of the cap to allow makeup touch-ups anytime, anywhere!

Like all cosmetic packaging provided by Taiki, these powder dispensers are fully customizable to fit the DNA of your beauty brand: color of body and cap (mass injection), decoration, and possibility to use up to 30% of recycled plastic for a more sustainable offer.

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