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One Cut Cleansing Brush

One Cut Cleansing Brush for waterless cosmetic - Private Label Manufacturer Taiki

Custom manufacturing of "One Cut Cleasing Brush", premium and more sustainable wooden skincare brush

Private label wooden brush supplier Taiki is offering a new way to apply solid cosmetics like facial soap, thanks to this eco-conscious cleansing brush. The handle is made with one piece of FSC certified wood, without any metallic ferrule. The ultra soft animal-free fibers have a special shape to allow for massage and deep cleansing of face. 

This tool is specifically designed to facilitate solid cosmetics application : a mess-free and clean solution that allows to wet only the brush and not the entire soap, avoiding formula waste.

This cleansing brush is part of one of the 4 ready-to-go One Cut brush ranges from Taiki. It's fully customizable to fit your brand image, with a wide range of hair (grade, shape, color).

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