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TaFre fibers

TaFre premium synthetic fibers for your makeup brushes


Because synthetic fibers had until now insufficient makeup performance to match the application results of natural hair such as goat or pony, the R&D of Taiki Group has developed a whole new fiber for cosmetic brushes in order to present an excellent alternative to natural brushes, especially for the application of loose or pressed powders. On fibers that are too smooth, which do not have the natural scales of the hair, the powder slides without catching.

TaFre (meaning Taiki Animal Free) is a engineered synthetic fiber using 28% renewable plant ingredients. Its unique 3D structure reproduces the shape, waviness, scales and flexibility of natural bristles, thus ensuring superior pick up and pay off of powder makeup.

Compared to natural hair, the 100% animal-free TaFre maintains consistency and less breakage – which significantly improves the quality and allows for a more streamlined supply chain.

TaFre fiber can be used for the application of powders, blushes, highlighter ... as part of your tailor-made brushes range.

The performance of TaFre has been compared to the best natural hair (squirrel) as well as other synthetic hair in the video below. TaFre has superior pick up and pay off and provides a flawless application.

TaFre fibers +

  • Designed to mimic utra soft squirrel hair
  • Antimicrobial properties are incorporated at time of extrusion

TaFre fibers G

  • Designed to mimic premium goat hair
  • Soft and tapered tips minimize the cause of skin irritations
  • Cost effective fiber
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