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Taiki Beauty Lab

Explore the future - 2017 trends for beauty applicators

Taiki S/S 2017 collection takes you on an exploration through space, to meet the beauty of tomorrow. A smart, connected beauty, structured thanks to ergonomic and custom applicators. Science and technology allow the makeup to fit the face like a second skin. The beauty routine modernized by new tools becomes obvious. Ease, innovation and multifunction are the key words. The finishes are inspired by stars and galaxies dust, and give pride of place to metallic effects, geometric patterns and holographic reflections. Join our ship for space exploration of makeup accessories, and blur the lines between science and femininity.


Connected Beauty

The QR code serves the beauty with this decorated makeup puff. With a simple scan, propose product information, application tutorials, beauty looks and more from your website…

  • • Application side: cotton velvet, ideal for loose and pressed powders
  • • Decorated side: White PU that can be customized with QR codes or pictures using digital printing
The + : suitable for tight space of compact cases

Sculpting Brush


Galactic finishes for this elegant brush with metallic ferrules that are adorned with stardust. Sculpt your face with precision and ease thanks to this dual ended makeup brush. Asymmetric contoured head makes this brush ideal for contouring and cheek highlighting using liquid formulas. Pointed dual-tapered synthetic fiber head is perfect for contouring small details of the face.

  • • Hair: synthetic (0,10mm PBT)
  • • Handle: wood with pearly varnish, hot stamping
  • • Ferrules: anodized aluminum, sandy effect
The + : Features one single brush to create different makeup finishes

Arrow flex appli

Smart Eyeliner

Dare space war paint! The liner becomes intuitive with this ergonomic applicator from elsewhere. The arrow Cellbian tip takes the eyeshadow formula from the flat side and applies it on the eyelid as a stamp, drawing a perfect tip.

  • • Application tip: black cellbian
  • • Flexor: Transparent TPE
  • • Handle: Metallized TPE
The + : Features flexibility for comfort

Futuristic Sponge

concentration of Innovation

Explore the future with this sponge combining the 2 last innovations from Taiki. “Taiki Beauty Sponge” exclusive process revolutionizes NBR sponge, offering luxurious feel and an even application for a flawless complexion. This TBS is proposed with the new selective flocking technique that dresses up this sponge of a geometrical pattern.

  • • Sponge: Taiki Beauty Sponge process, buffing
  • • Material: NBR
  • • Flock: white nylon, selective flocking in a endless pattern
The + : Featuring a colored glue to highlight the pattern
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