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Taiki Beauty Lab

Anniversary box

Taiki Cosmetics Europe is proud to support the success of beauty brands for 10 years. This is the ideal occasion to gather is an anniversary box all the Taiki Group know-how emblematic sponges, who invented the cosmetic sponge more than 80 years ago. To each formula, its sponge for a perfect application !

Duo Sponge

Patented dual-layer makeup sponge, with premium Cellbian top laminated to NBR core. Ideal for BB cream, provides a barrier layer to avoid product absorption.

Perfect Release Sponge

Does not absorb makeup, restores the entire liquid or creamy foundation formula thanks to its innovative material. New gesture providing ultra natural looking complexion, without thick layer. Very easy to clean.

Selective Flocked Sponge

Innovative decoration method on NBR sponge, with colored glue to highlight the flocked pattern. Very nice applicator for every formula type.

Brushy Sponge

Large application area and luxurious feel of Cellbian material. New gesture allowing high precision, for pressed powders and creamy products. A real beauty sponge application with brush gesture thanks to this compact handle.

Flocked Taiki Beauty Sponge

Premium feeling and results thanks to Taiki exclusive manufacturing process. Flocked side is ideal for pressed powder.

Cushion Sponge

Taiki innovation : affordable alternative to cushion puff, the perfect sponge to apply cushion foundation.

3D Sponge

Mini size, maxi result for this customizable blending sponge. Very precise application of creamy or liquid formula like highlighter or concealer, on small face areas.

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