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Reusable Black Konjac Mask

Reusable Black Konjac Mask - Private label manufacturing TAIKI

Black Konjac Mask: natural, reusable and biodegradable facial mask

Are you looking for a more sustainable support for your face sheet masks? Contract manufacturer of soaked non-woven masks for more than 20 years, Taiki is expanding its ecofriendly offer with a natural and surprising support made from Konjac root.

A responsible and effective beauty mask

The Black Charcoal Konjac Mask from Taiki is a 100% natural support, made from Konjac root and bamboo charcoal. Once infused with a lotion, it softens until it becomes a real second skin on the face, with an immediate cooling effect. Its high moisture retention property allows it to dry less quickly than a non-woven fabric, giving it a longer use time.

It offers a more environmentally friendly solution: in addition to being completely natural and biodegradable, the antibacterial activity of bamboo charcoal allows the Konjac mask to be used several times, without microbiological risk.

It is available in full-face shape, eye patch or "cat's eye" mask to meet all skincare needs.

A perfect solution for a dry mask to impregnate at the last minute

If it can be sold pre-soaked, with a made in Europe natural formula, this support will be particularly interesting for face masks and eye patches to infuse at home, in DIY. How to use it ?

  • Put 3ml of lotion for the patch version or 15ml for the face mask in a cup or the sachet of the dry mask, and wait 5 minutes for a complete impregnation
  • Apply carefully to a clean face
  • Gently remove the mask after 15 to 30 minutes of application, depending on the lotion or serum used
  • Rinse off the Black Konjac Mask with clean water, and let it dry until the next use!
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